As the breeze gently whispers in the bamboo groves, fireflies waltz around the mountains,such is the vitality of nature.

✵青蛙.Frog 農場一年四季都是賞蛙的好季節,聽聽看誰的聲音像鳥叫?又是誰的聲音像狗一樣?還有常常讓人找不到的日本樹蛙躲到哪去了?漂亮的莫式樹蛙什麼時間會唱情歌?農場對牠們的習性可是寥落指掌, 想一探山上的蛙蛙共和國?來找農場主人就對了!
Apart from all year round fireflies-viewing, the farm is also home to various species of birds and frog species throughout the year.

✵報春花.Primroses 一到龍雲,報春花便在門口歡迎你,隨意播種,想不到報春花便在這兒長的很好,冬天到春天是她的花期,花季一到,滿滿溫馨的提醒大家過年快到了。
As visitors arrive at Long Yun in Spring, they will be greeted by blossoming primroses. The lovely color of primroses which blooms in winter and spring reminds one that the Chinese New Year festive season is approaching.celebration is approaching.

✵一葉蘭.Yi Ye Lan 一葉蘭是阿里山的特產,在龍雲也可以看到喔!他開花時只有一片葉子,所以稱為一葉蘭,是台灣的原生種蘭花,因為非常受歡迎,野生的一葉蘭已經很難得一見了。
‘Yi Ye Lan’ which literally means ‘one-leaf orchid’ is a type of orchid only to be found in Alishan, of which can be viewed at Long Yun.
When it blooms, it only retains one leaf, thus the name ‘ Yi Ye Lan’. A native plant of Taiwan, this species of orchid is especially popular among visitors to Taiwan as it is a very rare species.

✵明日葉.Ashitaba 龍雲的草藥園麻雀雖小五臟俱全,鄧伯伯收集數百種草藥,到這可得好好認識它們,當然更別錯過既美味還能補氣的明日葉。
Mr. Deng has been growing more than hundred types of herbal medicines in the farm, thus his extensive knowledge of the various benefits from each herb, not only for culinary purposes, of its medicinal functions, such as the Ashitaba.

✵山羌.Formosan Barking Deer 山羌是害羞的鹿科動物,原是白天出來覓食晚上休息的動物,龍雲的原始森林內環境原始,如果運氣好便可以跟他們不期而遇。
The Formosan Barking Deer is a shy species of the deer family. It hunts in day and rests at night, if you are lucky, you may stumble upon them.

✵藍腹鷴.Swinhoe's Pheasant 全身散發藍色絲絨羽毛的藍腹鷴,是台灣濱臨絕種特有的保育鳥類,平常難得一見,在龍雲可是常客,如果有機會,你也可以見到他們哦!
Another attraction for visitors in the farm is the opportunity to come across a variety of unique bird species which frequents the farm from time to time.

✵螢火蟲.Firefly 夏天黑翅螢,冬天的雪螢,龍雲是很好的螢火蟲生態觀察地點,因為屬中海拔,所以種類也特別多。(圖片為鋸角雪螢)
Due to its location, Long Yun is one of the best places to observe fireflies all year round, as different species of fireflies fill the forest each season.

✵貓頭鷹.Owl 晚上在龍雲可真不寂寞,鵂鶹的咕咕聲陪你到天明,白天他也會活動,但是站在樹枝上隱身起來,就得考驗你的眼力了。
One of the attractions at Long Yun is the owl, trying spotting the owl as it camouflages among the trees.