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  • 到龍雲想要飽餐一頓,實在太容易了! 女主人巧手一揮,美味立刻上桌。

    瞧! 自家栽種的新鮮現摘蔬菜、時令特產竹筍、藥膳等,滿滿一桌,要吃動作可要快!
    想知道龍雲農場有什麼特產大餐嗎? 走一趟就知道了!

    The skillful hostess works her culinary magic in the kitchen and whips up a sumptuous meal for hungry visitors.
    Aside from filling your belly, you can also taste the local offereings like freshly-picked veggies, bamboo shoots and herbal cuisine.
    • 藥膳美食 Herbal cuisine
    With many kinds of medicinal plants, visitors can sample different cuisines of the season such as Ashitaba leaves with stewed chicken, Hericium herbal soup, Cichorium intybus salad and other delicacies.
    • 竹筍餐點 Bamboo feast
    You will be spoilt for choice with different varieties of bamboo shoots, cooked in various styles: Fried, boiled, stewed, as well as bamboo soups and salads.
    • 明日葉餐點 Ashitaba feast
    採用有「長生不老藥」─明日葉,換給你最健康的一頓! 最不一樣的一餐!
    Sample the Ashitaba, touted as the elixir of longevity